STOP Building a Business That Does Not Fulfill You or Solve a Problem That You Don’t Care About!
START Being the Self-Aware Entrepreneur of the Future So Your Business Gets The Best And Fastest Start Possible.
The Online Course that Helps you Build your Personal Development Map to have a more Fulfilling and Successful Entrepreneur Journey!
If you’re an entrepreneur starting a business who wants to start with more clarity and have a better chance of success, you’re in the right place. If you need to build a successful business fast, but you don’t know where to start or if it will work... This is the solution you've been looking for.
What Is Journey Map?
It is the crucial key that most entrepreneurs never even think about: A Map to WHO You Are.
Why Does Part 1 Exist? 
I have seen too many entrepreneurs fail because they didn't know who they were, what fulfills them and why they are here. So, I created a course to give entrepreneurs those exact keys to success.
What to Expect
You’ll use the Mind Map at the start of every week to re-establish who you are and link it with your business. Every day of entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. Some days you feel unstoppable and other days you feel like a total imposter. During those down moments of struggle, fear, and pain, you’ll use your Mind Map to help get back on track.
Who’s it for? 
Entrepreneurs, Change-Makers, Linchpins, Artists, and Dreamers
You'll go From Unclear, Nervous, Stuck, Unfulfilled & Unsuccessful 
- TO - 
Clear, Focused, Aligned, Fulfilled & Successful
Who Is Steven Dudley And Why Should I Listen To Him?
Steven Dudley is an expert in entrepreneur development whose accomplishments include:
  •  Never having held a full-time job, but turning a handful of clients as a part-time contractor into a health and wellness empire.
  •  Building a high-end health and wellness service provider servicing the two most luxury condo buildings in Downtown Denver. (From scratch)
  •  Building a corporate wellness business working with 5 companies, in 3 different states, 6 cities and over 20 office locations. (From zero)
  •  Leading and engaging with thousands of employees who provided mental and physical health and wellness services, while creating a thriving company culture.
  •  Consulting with a $75 million start-up in health care space.
  •  Helped turn a local candy store into Denver’s #1 sport venue candy shop, servicing all major league teams.
  •  Coaching and consulting with many more smaller and influential entrepreneur.
  •  Driving entrepreneurial ventures.
  •  Most importantly, NOW, building an entrepreneur ecosystem to help entrepreneurs get a stronger and faster start. Including online courses, incubators, group workshops, 1-1 coaching and consulting, co-working spaces and more.
Be the Successful Entrepreneur Everyone Dreams to Be and Give Your Business the Fastest Start Possible
STOP Making Bad Decisions That Don’t Align with Your Strengths, Your Values, or Your WHY and Are Causing You To Waste Time And Money
Here’s a crucial message for every Aspiring Entrepreneur in business for less than one year who needs to build a successful business fast, but doesn’t know where to start or if it will work. 
Hi, my name is Steven Dudley and if you want to succeed with getting ultimate personal clarity so your business gets the best and fastest start possible, then pay very close attention! 
Many Aspiring or ‘New’ entrepreneurs suffer from the idea that building a business and being an entrepreneur is really hard. But nothing could be further from the truth. 
So, if you’re an entrepreneur starting a business who wants to start with more clarity and a better chance of success, then this is exactly what you’re looking for
I’d like to introduce you to Journey Map Part I - Self-discovery!
The Online Course that shows you how to build a personal development map to have a more fulfilling and successful entrepreneur journey!
Journey Map Part I - Self-discovery also helps you:
  •   Finally know what you’re here to do...
  •   Be able to make clear and intentional decisions without second guessing yourself...
  •   Have a map to yourself that you can always refer to keep grounded to the most important parts of your life...
  •   Discover your triggers and recovery methods so not only can you avoid getting off track but stay productive, energized and focused on being successful...
  •  Get the right mindset for your entrepreneurial journey. Help you mentally prepare for each day...
... and much, MUCH more!
And what makes this even better? Now you never have to deal with fear and self-doubt again! Which also means you’re not stuck with feeling like Not having ultimate clarity in yourself makes it harder for you to get out of your own way and this really hurts you because your business will start on a weak foundation and you won’t make traction quickly and you will be more likely to follow the norm who 90% time fail in the first 5 years anymore... Which makes feeling like the biggest obstacle for all entrepreneurs is themselves because the only thing in the way of you and your dreams is yourself. All the answers are out there it’s just a matter of you defeating your impostor syndrome, fears, self-doubt, ego and lizard brain a thing of the past. And best of all... you’ll start seeing results with Journey Map Part I - Self-discovery within 1 week after finishing the course.
So again, if you’re an entrepreneur starting a business and you want to start with more clarity and a better chance of success, understand this:
  •   Act now so that you don’t carry on wasting your time building a business that doesn’t fulfill you or align with who you are, or leverage your strengths, your values, or your purpose.
  •   Act now so that you can stop walking and start sprinting towards success. act now so you can start jumping out of bed to enjoy working on your business.
  •   Act now because you don’t want to spend one more day being frustrated you’re not getting anywhere. Start using your strengths and work on the things that make a difference.
And Journey Map Part I - Self-discovery holds the key to your success with getting ultimate personal clarity so your business gets the best and fastest start possible.
See you on the inside!
The long held business secret of the world's greatest entrepreneurs is that it's not about the business. It's about knowing yourself first and building from the inside out. This is your map to that secret. 
Journey Map 1
Throughout the course, you’ll create a unique Mind Map for your business - the ultimate one-page guide of your entrepreneurial journey so that, you can be prepared to face the daunting task of building your own business from scratch.
Get the First Course of Journey Map for only $247
Journey Map 2
In this course, we’ll guide you through 3 levels that bring you closer to building a successful business and prepare you for the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship. Leave fear of failure behind, and develop a mindset and plan for any eventuality.
Add the Second Course of Journey Map for only $97 (Over 60% Off)
Idea Incubator
If you have been stuck and don’t know where to turn then this course will align you with your idea. Bring your idea to life, with more conviction, purpose and clarity. We take you on an intensive process that helps you go from idea to actionable business. 
Add the Intensive Idea Incubator Course 
At a Huge Discount Today
Act Now! All three courses can be yours at a drastically reduced rate. 
Every entrepreneur journey is unique and there is not one size fits all plan, but there are some essentials that everyone must master before they can create the foundations before building a business. The entrepreneur journey is hard and if you start building your business on a weak foundation it will fall a lot quicker. These courses lay that strong foundation so you can build something that is strong, structured and can withstand the high winds of entrepreneurism. 
Journey Map Part I Alumni
Best decision of 2018!
This course blew my socks off. I have never felt more confident and clearer in making big decisions. If it wasn't for this course, I would still be twiddling my thumbs. Extremely helpful and extremely grateful for the coaching throughout the course.
Kate S.
Complete awareness
I have completed this course with my wife as we are building a company together and I cannot tell you how helpful this was. I wish I had done this sooner but glad I have done it now. We are more aligned than ever and have a common agenda for the first time. We have designed our alliance and feel unstoppable.
Nick H.
What I had been Missing
I flew through the course and walked away with the clarity and resolve I'd been missing. Instead of second-guessing myself, I made real progress - landing two clients in the first month and placing three more on my waiting list. Even better than the new clients, is the confidence that I'll be able to come back to my completed Journey Map and make the right choices for my business month after month.
Jennifer H.
I know who I am!
I have done some personality tests and self-discovery work before but this is the next level. This course brings everything together and gives me a map of who I am. I feel like I have ultimate clarity for the first time in my life. I know who I am, I know why I am here and I am ready to fight on!!
Holly H.
Don't take personal clarity for granted!
It’s impossible to formulate a feedback that encompasses what the clarity and the richness that I have gained. More than just answers to questions, what has remained with me are tools to continually look deeper. Outcomes that I own, and that help me guide my decisions.
Alexandra P.
Birth of Journey Map
Journey Map was born out of stagnation and unfulfillment. I had been in the same field for 10 years, created two successful companies but I wasn't happy. I had been trying to scale the businesses and find a way to make a bigger impact but nothing was working.
I sold the two businesses for a nice profit and took 3 months off, reading, taking personality tests, discovering who I was and what was missing.

I found that ultimate self-clarity was beautiful. It was like getting eye surgery and seeing 20/20 perfect vision for the first time. It helped me wake up every day with a purpose and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and why I was supposed to do it.

Most importantly, I started building the company of my dreams and waking up excited to do it everyday. That business is now a successful entrepreneur development company helping 1000's of entrepreneurs get a better start.

Decisions started to become extremely easy, ideas started flowing and new doors were easy to open and close. I started to realize (with help from others) that, what I put myself through could help others with their journeys too.

So, I replicated my in-depth intrapersonal intelligence journey. I created this course to help people see as clearly as I do so they can build their dreams stronger and faster.
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